Environmental Stewardship: Removing Invasive Plants from Hume Park

The intergenerational Hume Park Invasive Plant Removal and Native Plant replanting scheduled for this Saturday April 28  is a great opportunity for youth and their families to protect their park and learn a little something about their local natural environment.

Protecting the environment and being socially responsible are prominent themes in schools today. But children and youth can’t learn to care about an environment they don’t understand. In a recent study, young people were able to identify 1000 corporate logos but fewer than 10 plants or animals native to their backyards! How can we expect students to care and protect something they can’t even name?

So here is a great opportunity for youth to meaningfully connect with their environment,  learn about native versus invasive plants and spend time outside with their family. Unfortunately I can not attend this event because ironically I’m in meetings all day at the British Columbia School Trustees Association’s AGM.

The details: Lower Hume Park, New Westminster, from 1-4 pm, rain or shine (where boots!), ages 13 + years.

If you’d like to attend, registration is necessary. Please call Call 604-519-1066

Growing Up Urban the outside way!

For a related read on this event go to The Tenth to the Fraser.


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